Sternschnuppennacht in the browser


I spent almost the whole summer of 2015 in Bavaria, in a small town surrounded by mountains. I went out quite often and my most favourite time of the walk was evening, around 6pm. I usually took my bike, went out of town and cycled on the outskirts, with the mountains on the left and town on the right side. The road went all the way down to the other town and then further away, but most of the times I ended up on a small hill in a field after 15 min of cycling, where I could enjoy the beautiful scenery around me and it was even more marvellous when I arrived just in time to see the beautiful sunset.


During the night from August 12 to August 13 there was a night when you could see shooting stars more often than usual and it was a great night to go out and enjoy this “show”. For me this place was just perfect to do it. So at night I went there and I was lucky since there was no single cloud in the sky. It was an absolutely magical night.

But I’m writing this obviously not just because I want to share my feelings and stuff, but show something I made, inspired by this experience. During holidays I also practiced my programming skills so I decided to visualise the sky through code, make it interactive and thus practice a little bit with implementing Processing sketches into the browser. However, I used not the best technique to do it (according to the guide on the ProcessingJS website, writing vanilla Processing code right on the page is not recommended).

Here is it: view!

As written there, by clicking you’ll be able to add a star to the sky (and if you’re stubborn enough, write a message, or someone’s name – very romantic), and by pressing and dragging the mouse you’ll see the “constellations”.

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