Modest Diacritics

Photo 09-05-16 18 43 08

Recently I’ve decided to keep count on a quite interesting (and apparently ubiquitous) typographic decision, when diacritics (dots, accents etc.), that are added to a letter, are pushed down or aside the letter, so that they don’t go beyond the x-height, or, alternatively, uppercase letters are mixed with the lowercase ones to achieve the same effect. I wonder, is there a name for this? For this post I’ve decided to call them “modest diacritics” (probably a stupid name). “Squeezed diacritics” would also fit.

All pictures were taken recently in Germany (Munich is an amazing source of great typography).

Photo 04-05-16 18 10 09Photo 11-05-16 16 54 19


Photo 22-05-16 16 44 02

Photo 22-05-16 17 40 08

Photo 24-05-16 20 49 36


Photo 25-05-16 17 34 25

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