Praktikum in Deutschland


Today is the July 1 and it has been 2 months since I’ve started working as Graphic Design intern in Munich.

May was fun. I had an opportunity to feel myself like an adult running around to get all the adult things done: apparently I had to get a German health insurance, German bank account and a tax id to get my monthly salary. So I literally was running from one place to another feeling guilty about using my work time to manage things I haven’t managed to do before, signing contracts, speaking bad German and telefonieren, because, even though I hate speaking by phone, I realized that I will never get a prompt answer (or an answer at all) by sending an e-mail. And honestly those things were quite interesting and fun but only if you do them first and last time in your life.

Also, two months waking up at 5 am. 2 hours to get things done as: laying in bed for 10 minutes more please, bathroom, breakfast, coffee & news and here you go, train at 7:02, the next one 30 minutes later so you better be at Bahnhof if you want to come in office in time. The first 10 minutes after waking up are the worst, then you’re already in conscious and good to go. Probably the good breakfast is the main thing what keeps you going.



Another thing is the view that you encounter as you go out of the flat: the town is surrounded with mountains that have a beautiful bluish shade in the early sunny morning or heavy clouds overhanging in the middle of the mountain on a rainy day. A wonderful scenery or a good book make the 1.5h train ride not so exhausting.

Work is nice. I’ve read stories about some crazy shit going on between co-workers so I was a bit dubious, but damn, the people I work with are the best. Who else play songs like they’ve just checked out your iPod? Nevermind the music, who always joke, sing, make amazing coffee and share beer on Fridays in Spielzimmer? Or, who has enough patience to wait until I end the sentence? I love them.

Sitting in front of two monitors doing things I like doing for a gigantic company makes me feel very serious. Also, a national visa made me feel serious. The big nice modern office full of light and delicious tee and coffee made me feel very pleasant. Meals at the canteen made me feel i’m in the hotel all inclusive in Greece.

Munich is controversial. I mean, in Berlin I had a feeling of being in my city straight away, and I still have it. I’ve visited Munich more times that Berlin, had a great sightseeing tours with friend, but still I do feel sort of out of place. Anyway, Munich is a great source of typographical signs that no one else notice but me. And of course it has Döner Kebab, so for now I’m fine (although trust me, the best Döner is on Warschauer Straße in Berlin).

Beer… well, beer is always there, and there are many stories somehow connected with it. For example, I’ve just made friends with a German girl who asked me to buy her 7 beer bottles because she “forgot her Ausweis“. Well, duh. I took three as well.

All in all, I’m having a good time. Now, I’m off to the local bar.

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