travelling thoughts or the similarities between designers and gynaecologists

Men gynaecologists are often asked if they have a sexual arousal and how they cope with it while examining women. They answer is usually: this is work and they don’t have any sexual feeling towards the patient what would they normally have in “normal” conditions.

I thought about this as I was going to Berlin from Munich by bus. I chose Flixbus company since I’ve already used their service and because I didn’t really bother to check if there were other options. Then on the road I saw a passing in opposite direction yellow Postbus and suddenly thought why haven’t I checked their offers. That seemed especially weird to me because I spent much time at work making many adjustments for a Postbus webpage layout and advertising images with slogans’ typefaces about cheap and comfortable journeys to many destinations. It somehow was “just work” and the marketing charms haven’t worked on me as they could work if saw the ad while surfing the net. The gynaecologists’ revelation gained a whole new meaning to me.

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