smart references


I absolutely love it when I find a subtle reference to something familiar which is relevant to the context.

This is a screenshot of the website for Unsound Festival which gathers artists from electronic and club music scenes.

You can see there’s a subtle text right next to the facedropr logotype – “Turn Off, Log Off, Sign Out.” If you’re familiar with electronic music and especially club scene you might know about its culture and relation to drugs. And this altered phrase is referring to Timothy Leary’s famous phrase “turn on, tune in, drop out” which was also a name for his album where he spoke about his views, including those on drugs. It was later referenced and changed many times like in the example above.
Knowing where it came from and its context, it made me smirk. It’s not related to drugs of course in this case, but rather to this sort of counterculture and background of the phrase.

There should be more things like this because details really matter. Or there are, but I’m not smart enough to notice them…

And here’s an amazing dark track Turn On by techno artist Markus Suckut from his release Three Trips, which of course also includes Tune In and Drop Out.

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