“Do you value rejection in the creative process?”

One of my favourite talks is the talk at Google by Michael Bierut in 2015.

In the end someone asked a question “Do you value rejection in the creative process?” and Michael said an absolutely brilliant thing that I remembered and then after some time went back to the video to watch that moment again.

Specifically what I really liked is the situation that he described in a very funny way, when as a young designer back in the days he was presenting his work to some people and almost in the beginning they started to discuss it with each other supposedly disliking it, with all the according body language but without interrupting him. Then he still continued to present but today as an experienced designer, he would stop right at that moment and ask what is exactly wrong with the work. Establishing that communication with the audience right in that moment, without carrying on is quite tough but right thing. If the client already doesn’t like the work and doesn’t wait until the end to share opinion with others, then why continue to present? I know that feeling when you present and then you start to read those non-verbal signs that you interpret as a negative reaction and that leads to loosing the track of what you are saying and disappointing in your own work and presentation before even finishing.

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