fmp: Moscow Trip 2

This time I decided to combine 2 shorts trips I made last days in one post, first one in the centre in Khamovniki district and the other one in Lyublino in south-east of Moscow.

map trip 2

As expected, the further you travel from the centre the less interesting, less diverse and more depressing the scenery gets. Especially with this time of the year, the beginning of spring, when the snow melts and the ground is wet and the dirt is everywhere. I just noticed how terrible my photos of fences actually look but not because of the fences themselves, but rather because of these piles of dirt and trash that were just recently revealed.

So if I started rather enthusiastically, now I had the feeling that I’ve already seen most of the things, like this fence motif is the same as that fence motif on the opposite partĀ of the city, this sign is just like that sign and it became really hard to take out my phone and document it.



2.IMG_70573.IMG_7056 4.IMG_7058

5. What a font!IMG_70725. Back to normal.IMG_70796.IMG_70677.IMG_70698.IMG_70649.IMG_707010.IMG_707111.IMG_707512.IMG_7084


map trip 2 2

13.IMG_7092 14.IMG_7099 15.IMG_7102

16.IMG_7104 17.IMG_7101 18.IMG_710019.

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