fmp: Moscow Trip 2

This time I decided to combine 2 shorts trips I made last days in one post, first one in the centre in Khamovniki district and the other one in Lyublino in south-east of Moscow. As expected, the further you travel from the centre the less interesting, less diverse and more depressing the scenery gets. Especially…

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FMP: Moscow Trip 1

So this is a first trip of a series of journeys around Moscow in a search for graphic and product design artefacts that represent our day-to-day life, simple, ad hoc, sometimes so-ugly-that-even-beautiful things. Things that are part of everyday language. Things that are mostly functional and so common and uninteresting, that usually are unnoticed by…

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when designer speaks human language


“Kuskovo park which speaks with you in the same language.” I’m excited to know that Igor Makovskiy and his project (number 996633 on the website) for Kuskovo park was chosen to be the best one among all the other participants of the competition. The competition was to create an identity for a historical park and estate…

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ring train direction sign


One tiny little thing that Berlin trains have and Moscow’s don’t which will make life a lot easier: Photo by Photo by A pictogram that shows in which direction on the ring the train goes. Super easy. You need one brief sight to grasp it, while you need a couple of awkward moments in the middle of…

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